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18 Utmost Importance of CRM Software that You Must Know

Believe me: If you are a business owner, this article – Importance of CRM Software will definitely help you to grow your business. How? Look at our 3C model… Customer, Company and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) You know, Customers are always at the center of any business model. But, What is CRM? Why does a company need CRM? Moreover, Importance

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Customer Retention and Loyalty – 15 Statistics in Infographic

You already know the importance of customer loyalty. In this infographic, you will see 15 mind blowing Customer Loyalty and Retention Statistics. To read more about customer retention statistics, click here: Customer Loyalty Statistics Do you have any question? Please feel free to comment below. Keep in touch, follow TechOneStop on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+.

What is Collaborative CRM? How does it help to build Collaborative Strategy?

In our last couple of articles, we have discussed about Operational CRM and Analytical CRM. Here we will discuss about 3rd type of CRM applications – Collaborative CRM and its importance to build a collaborative strategy.First let us see what do we mean by collaborative strategy and why it is important for an organization. What is collaborative strategy? Collaborative Strategy

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What is Analytical CRM

We know that there are three types of CRM applications – Operational CRM, Analytical CRM and Collaborative CRM. In our previous post we have discussed about Operational CRM. Here we will talk about what is Analytical CRM, its key features and benefits. Let’s start our discussion with an example. Imagine a scenario where a company knows what customers want to

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What is Operational CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software enables organizations to manage their relationships with customers. It helps to retain existing customers, acquire new customers and analyze customer data. There are mainly three types of CRM applications – Operational CRM, Analytical CRM and Collaborative CRM. Here we will discuss about what is Operational CRM. What is Operational CRM? Operational CRM streamlines the

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