Siebel Open UI PM/PR Code Generator Tool

We know, Siebel Open UI is not developer friendly CRM application. A small syntax mistake in Presentation Model or Physical Renderer can ruin your whole day. 

So use our PM/PR Code generator tool to minimize code mistakes as much as possible.

Note: This is the beta version of the tool. We are working on it to add more functionalities and make better user friendly application. Please share your feedback in our comment section. We are eager to hear from you.

PR PR Generator tool

Copy the below script and save it as Filename.JS under '\siebsrvr\public\<lang>\<build>\SCRIPTS\Siebel\custom' folder.
From Siebel Open UI IP2014, there is not separate PM/PR file for Mobile. You could use desktop version for both - desktop and mobile.

To know more about Presentation Model or Physical Renderer customization, please read our Siebel Open UI training articles.