How to customize the Server Busy error in Siebel

Server busy error in Siebel – “Server you are trying to access is either busy or experiencing difficulties.

Customize Server Busy Error in Siebel Open UI

Almost everyone has experienced this server busy error in Siebel HI or Open UI client.

There could be many reasons behind this error message. We will discuss few of such reasons below in brief.


Question is – can we customize this server busy error in Siebel?

Can we display our own custom message instead of our of box message?

Can we display message like ‘Siebel application will be down for 20 minutes. Please retry to open application after 10:30 AM?’

One of our clients also asked us to customize this message when ever application is down.

Sounds interesting?


In this article we will discuss – how can we customize server busy error in Siebel?

Better to ask, can we do it at all?

If yes, how to do so?


Before that, let us tell you few common reasons behind this error message.

  1. Check Siebel Web Server is running properly or not
  2. Verify server services like Seibel server, gateway are up and running
  3. Check database connectivity – You can use any database client like PLSQL developer / Toad to verify connectivity
  4. There may be issue with data source name or DSN
  5. Replace current repository file with last known working repository file. You may face this server busy error in Siebel if srf file is corrupted.
  6. Replace current siebns.dat file with last known working siebns.dat file

There could be many other reasons behind this error message.

If you can’t find any particular reason, check log files – application server log, SWSE log, SSO agent log.

This is all about when Siebel behaves differently. But what if we want Siebel to behave differently?

What we want to mean here,

Suppose you are doing repository migration or working on upgrade and want to display an user friendly message to all users instead of vanilla message.

For example – ‘We are working on Siebel server. Please try to login after 10:00 AM.’

Does Siebel support this kind of customization?

As per Oracle Support Web, there is no out of box option to customize this message. But Oracle has taken this as change request (CR no: 12-WOBRIV, Doc ID 488861.1) .

So, in future, you may see out of box option to customize server busy error in Siebel HI or Open UI.


Does that mean we can not do anything right now?


We have workaround. 🙂

Steps to configure server busy error in Siebel:

Step 1: Build HTML page with custom message

You know, how to build HTML page with custom message, right?

Don’t worry if you don’t know HTML. You will get enough materials on the internet to learn it.

HTML is easy but very efficient web programming language.

To learn HTML, we would suggest you to refer W3schools.


You build the custom webpage with custom message, test it and copy it under <Siebel_root>/SWEApp/PUBLIC/ <lang>.


You must save the custom webpage with .html extension.

Step 2. Update Default.htm page

Make no mistake:

Before updating Default.htm page, you must keep a copy of vanilla Default.htm. This will help you to revert your changes easily once your work is completed.

Also as per Siebel best practices, it is always advisable to make a copy of out of box object before doing any kind of changes.

To locate the file, navigate to <Siebel_root>/SWEApp/PUBLIC/<lang>.

Now open the file in notepad and replace the string <body onLoad=”GotoUrl(‘start.swe?SWECmd=Start’)”> with <body onLoad=”GotoUrl(‘custom.html’)”>

custom.html‘ is the custom file with custom message.

Step 3. Refresh browser and verify changes

That’s enough!!

Now refresh browser (not mandatory but better to do) and launch the Siebel application.

You should see your custom.html page instead of vanilla web page.

If you still see vanilla web page, go to security section of your browser and mark the option “Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder when browser is closed” – True.

Note: This security option is for Internet Explorer browser. If you use any other browser, you will find similar kind of option.

Now close the webpage and reopen the application.


There is a drawback of this kind of customization.

Once your activities are completed, you have to revert all changes. That means, either replace the string “<body onLoad=”GotoUrl(‘custom.html’)”>” with “<body onLoad=”GotoUrl(‘start.swe?SWECmd=Start’)”>” or use original Default.htm file .

Otherwise you will see your custom webpage every time.

Oh Wait!

Here is the good news.

If you are working on Open UI application, you can capture any webpage response. Also based on webpage response, you can do client side web page redirection to custom web page from your application.

To know more about webpage redirect, read this.

Best part of this kind of configuration is that you do not need to change Default.htm every time. Do it once and update custom message as per requirement.

But remember, we have never tried this solution.

Please let us know if you are trying this solution.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section!

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