Siebel Open UI Roadmap 2014-2020

Siebel Open UI Roadmap 2014, probably this is the most required article in our current business scenario. Is Siebel going to die!! has it any future!! Siebel crm or other crm softwares!! Shall I build my career in Siebel or some other technology!! and many more. I heard such questions a lot and when this rumor goes to new siebel consultants, they become unsafe and unclear about their career path. Yes, this is a RUMOR that Siebel is no more alive. It is very much alive and Oracle has given a clear roadmap upto 2020+.
Before going through siebel roadmap, I would like to recap siebel achievements so far once Oracle acquired Siebel.
•    Almost 20 year history of delivering best CRM solutions
•    21+ Industry specific capabilities and 22 languages supported in a single repository
•    Thousands of Customers and Users worldwide
•    7 Releases delivered since Oracle has acquired Siebel CRM
•    More than 90% of customers are on the latest 8.1/8.2 releases

Siebel Roadmap:

Siebel Open UI Roadmap -

In snapshot you can see, 1st half of each year will have Fix Pack delivery where Oracle will provide bug fixes and 2nd half of each year will have Innovation pack which provides innovations and enhancements.

Investment Strategy by Oracle:

Oracle is mainly focusing on
1)    Customer Experience
2)    Industry Innovation
3)    Lower implementation and maintenance cost
Customer Experience
We all know that Siebel was not very good in term of Customer Experience but with Open UI, Oracle has enhanced users experience and productivity a lot.

  • Open UI supports any standard browser and any device
  • Supports user specific look and feel UI
  • Coexists with existing siebel architecture and investment
  • Enhanced mobile application
  • Online/Offline support
  • Device reorganization and signature capture
  • Redesign siebel ‘Out-of-box’ user interfaces like Dispatch board, chat, eservice
  • Map integration, camera support, multi tab support
  • Integration with social profile, supports ‘Big Data’
  • Improved loyalty management

Industry Innovation

  • Open UI has specialized line-of business applications
  • Improved mobile application for financial services
  • Redesigned eService application in Open UI to incorporate enhanced self service capabilities, reduce clicks, drill downs

Lower implementation and maintenance cost
Open UI supports existing Siebel architecture, also Oracle has introduced Incremental Repository Merge which reduces the Upgradation cost. It reduces the initial install size and time by 50%.
Siebel Upgrade Momentum:

Siebel Open UI Upgrade-

Almost 90% customers are using Siebel 8.0 or higher version. Also all top brands from various verticals are using Siebel to run their business and number is still growing. Here is a snapshot below of siebel customers.

Siebel Open UI customers-

So come out from the rumor that Siebel is not alive anymore and keep learning. Oracle has a strong and rich product roadmap upto 2020+.

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