Welcome Username is not displaying on Home Page of Siebel Open UI

Have you seen this message on Home page of Siebel Open UI application? ‘Why can’t I see the applet? Open UI cannot display this type of applet. Contact your system administrator.’

Why can't I see this applet? OpenUI cannot display this type applet

Except Home Page, you may have seen this message in many other places also. Wherever we have Standard Interactivity Applet in application, Open UI will display this message as SI applets are not supported by Open UI.
Well, lets talk about the SI applet which is responsible to display the Welcome Username message on home page. If we are on HI application, can see this nice welcome message but when we use Open UI application of same version, there is no welcome message except ‘Page can not be displayed’. But no need to worry anymore, we can fix this easily on Open UI application. Here I will tell you, how Welcome Username can be displayed on Home page. Before I start, let me tell you, whatever steps I will discuss here, those are related to Siebel Open UI If you are using lower version of Open UI, then steps will be different (I am not going to discuss these steps. If you need it, please leave your comment here or send email to [email protected]).
First find out the Applet and Business Component name which show welcome message on Home page. To get this information, go to Home tab on application and click on ‘About View’ from application menu ‘Help’. As we are using Open UI Sales Application here, for us applet is ‘Salutation Applet (SSE)’ and BC  ‘Salutation (eApps)’. Now follow below steps to configure Salutation Applet for Open UI.

Step 1:
– Create a calculated field in BC ‘Salutation (eApps)’ with below specifications
               Name                 = IsOpenUI
               Calculated          = True
               Calculated Value = GetProfileAttr(“IsOpenUI”)
               Force Active      = True
– This calculated field tells us that the application is on Open UI or HI. It will be used in next step.

Step 2:
– Copy the original Salutation Applet ‘Salutation Applet (SSE)’ and name it like ‘Salutation Applet (SSE) –
– Change the applet ‘Salutation Applet (SSE) – OUI’ class from CSSFrameSalutation to CSSFrameList
– Goto List and add new list column like below
              Name = Result Text
              Field   = Result Text
– Select the applet ‘Salutation Applet (SSE) – OUI ‘, Goto Applet Web Template > Applet Web Template
   Item and create new item like below
              Name   = Result Text
              Control = Result Text
              Item Identifier = 101
– Add applet toggle so that in case of HI application, applet ‘Salutation Applet (SSE)’ will be displayed
  and for Open UI, ‘Salutation Applet (SSE) – OUI’ applet. Under ‘Salutation Applet (SSE)’ Applet, click
  on Applet Toggle and create record like below
             Applet                    = Salutation Applet (SSE)-OUI
             Auto Toggled Field = IsOpenUI
             Auto Toggle Value  = 1
– Compile Applet and BC

Step 3:
From this step onward, remaining configuration differs between Open UI and older version. As I told you before, whatever steps we will discuss here, all are related to
Now download salutationpr.js file and copy it under the directory sweapppublicenu<Open UI build number>scriptssiebelcustom. If you are doing it on Local or Sample database, copy it under ClientPUBLICenu\<Open UI build number>SCRIPTSsiebelcustom.
Click on below icon to download salutationpr.txt and then change the file extension from .txt to .js.

Downloadimage by www.techonestop.com

Step 4:
Now register the manifest file under Administration – Application > Manifest File in Open UI application. If you want to know more about manifest file, read Customizing Manifest file (Siebel Open UI Training, Part 6).

Manifest file customization by www.techonestop.com

Step 5:
– In Open UI application, Go to Administration – Application > Manifest Administration and create new record under ‘UI Objects’ with below specs
Inactive Flag = N
             Type            = Applet
             Usage Type = Physical Renderer
             Name          = Salutation Applet (SSE)-OUI
– Add Object expression under new UI object
            Inactive Flag = N
            Expression    = Desktop
            Level            = 1
– Add the file ‘salutationpr.js’

Customizing Manifest File by www.techonestop.com

Step 6:
– Add the below css to one of the css file of Open UI theme
– To get the current theme name, click on ‘Tools’ > User Preferences > Behavior and check the theme name and find out the respective css file. To know more about Open UI theme, read Customization of Siebel Open UI theme. Here we are using the theme ‘Gray Tab’ and theme-base.css.
– Now add the below css script at the end of theme css file.
            .salutation-pr-applet {
            .salutation-pr-title {
            .salutation-pr-salutation {
            top: 2px;
            position: relative;
– theme-base.css should look like below

Themebase.css by www.techonestop.com

That’s all. Now clear browser cache and verify Welcome Username message is appearing properly or not. 

Salutation applet in siebel open ui by www.techonestop.com

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