Siebel EIM Interview Questions And Answers

Here we have listed down few frequently asked Siebel EIM interview questions. If you want to add more Siebel interview questions, please feel free to comment below.

Siebel EIM Interview Questions :

  1. What is EIM?
    – This question is pretty basic but let me tell you, we have seen many candidates who are not able to answer it properly. You prepare this answer in such a way that shows your work experience and in depth knowledge about Siebel EIM. Interviewers don’t look for full form of EIM or similar kind of answer.
  2. Tell me a business scenario where you have used EIM.
  3. What all entities have you worked on? what will be your approach to import data from a flat file to Siebel base table ?
    – Prepare this question well, you will face it almost in every Siebel EIM interview.
  4. Have you faced any difficulties during EIM and how did you solve those ?
  5. Have you seen any error during EIM process? How did you fix it?
  6. Difference between EIM and EAI – when will you prefer to use EIM over EAI ?
  7. What all operations you have handled in EIM ?
  8. How to find out the best interface table to populate a base table in Siebel EIM?
  9. What all steps do you follow in EIM data mapping ?
  10. Is there any mandatory column/s for EIM table ?
  11. How do you populate the EIM table by external data ?
  12. Have you imported List of values using EIM ?
  13. How to do primary (explicit/Implicit) mapping using EIM ?
  14. How do you know that the EIM process has been executed properly ?
  15. Tell me few parameters that you have used in IFB file.
  16. Tell me few EIM best practices that you have followed.
  17. Have you worked on PL/SQL? How did you validate input data file in EIM ?
  18. Performance tuning in EIM

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