SBL-SCB-00014 / SBL-NET-01023: All component processes are maxed out

SBL-SCB-00014 All component processes are maxed out
SBL-NET-01023 Peer disconnected


Siebel throws ‘SBL-SCB-00014’ error when a server component has more than maximum number of tasks that it can run concurrently on a server. Often error code ‘SBL-SCB-00014’ is followed by another error ‘SBL-NET-01023: Peer disconnected’.

How to Solve:

To fix this issue, you have to increase the number of tasks that the particular server component can handle concurrently on a Siebel Server.

There are 3 parameters for each component that determine maximum number of threads or tasks that can run in parallel.

MaxTasks: This parameter specifies the maximum number of tasks or threads that the component can run concurrently on a particular server.
MaxMTServers: It specifies the maximum number of multi threaded processes that the component can run concurrently.
MinMTServers: It specifies the minimum number of multi threaded processes that the component can run concurrently. For better performance, MaxMTServers and MinMTServers are typically set to same value. Also MaxMTServers value must be greater than or equal to MinMTServers value.

Set values like below to get the best performance:
MaxTasks = Number of targeted users plus anon users
MaxMTServers = MaxTasks / 100*
MinMTServers = MaxMTServers

* Number 100 represents the ratio of concurrent task per multi threaded process. It may vary from one Siebel Server to another. 
Read more about these three parameters in Siebel Bookself –  About MaxTasks, MaxMTServers, and MinMTServers

Steps to fix:

  1. First you find out the Siebel Server component that is causing this error. To do so, open SWSE log file and search for the error code. Component name should be followed by error message.
  2. Copy the component name and login into Siebel application as administrator.
  3. Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration screen > Servers > Components and query for the component
  4. Now on Parameters view tab, search for above 3 parameters and increase values as per your requirement. But before increasing parameters’ values, you need to check the hardware capability of the server also. More tasks you add, more hardware resources you need. It is advisable that you talk to your Siebel Server Maintenance team before updating any parameter value.

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