SBL-EAI-04397 / SBL-BPR-00162: No user key can be used for Integration Component

SBL-EAI-04397: No user key can be used for the Integration Component instance ‘ePortal MM Page EAI’.

SBL-BPR-00162: Error invoking service ‘Content Project’, method ‘Export’ at step ‘Publish’.


There could be many reasons behind these two error codes. One possible reason is larger page name size in the content project. If you try to publish a content project with more than 50 characters long page name, Siebel will throw these errors.

How to solve:

Follow below steps to fix both errors

  1. Open Siebel application and navigate to SiteMap > Administration – Microsite > Page Administration
  2. Verify page name length. If it contains more than 50 characters, reduce it to 50 and publish the page.

If you have seen this error due to some other reasons, please share with us.

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