SBL-EDC-00196 / SBL-DAT-00472: Error occurred in generating the document structure

Error Message: 
         Error occurred in generating the document structure.(SBL-EDC-00196)
         Generic SSA NOTOK error message.(SBL-DAT-00472)
Error description: You face this issue when generating documents in Siebel using ‘Auto Document’ and ‘Generate Draft’ buttons.
Reason: The reason behind this error is that you don’t have any template, set as default of that category. For example, when you generate document from ‘Agreement’ using ‘Auto Document’ button, then there should be one default template in Admin-Document>Proposal template with category ‘Agreement’. If you do it from ‘Quote’, then category will be ‘Quote’.

Solution: Perform below steps to fix this issue
1) Decide the template which one you want to set as default template of that category
2) Goto Admin-Document > Proposal templates and query for the template with category
3) Check the ‘Default’ is true for the template

Now when you try to generate document, default template will come up first.
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