SBL-EAI-04262: Error writing XML to file

Error Description: Error writing XML to file ‘\TESTLogResponse.xml’ (SBL-EAI-04262)
Reason: This error comes up when \TESTLOG folder is not accessible from Siebel, either the folder is not added as parameter value for  ‘EAI File Transport Folder List’ or it is not shared properly.
Solution: Perform below steps to fix this issue

1) Go to Admin-Server configuration > Components and query for the parameter ‘EAI File Transport Folder List’, add the folder path under the column ‘Value on Restart’ (For expmple: \TESTLog) and restart the component.
2) Check the folder is shard or not, if not, then share the folder so that Siebel can access it

<< Error: SBL-EAI-50228                                                                                    Error: SBL-EDC-00196 / SBL-DAT-00472 >>
SBL-EDC-00196 / SBL-DAT-00472: Error occurred in generating the document structure
SBL-EAI-50228: File could not be created as the directory specified for the file creation is not valid

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