Siebel Open UI Interview Questions and Answers

Here we have listed down few frequently asked Siebel Open UI interview questions that you could face in an interview.

Siebel Open UI Interview Questions:

1. Benefits of Siebel Open UI over Siebel HI application
    Click on the link for ans: What is Siebel Open UI and its benefits
2. How does Siebel Open UI architecture differ from traditional Siebel architecture?
    Click on the link for ans: Siebel Open UI Architecture
3. Tell me a business requirement where you have used Presentation Model and Physical Renderer.
    Ans: Describe the best scenario where you have used PM and PR.
4. What is Presentation Model? Explain its customization steps with an example.
    Click on the link for ans: Presentation Model Customization
5. What is Physical Renderer? Explain its customization steps with an example.
    Click on the link for ans: Physical Renderer Customization
6. Difference between Presentation Model and Physical Renderer JS files
    Ans: Do it by yourself!
7. Can we have Presentation Model without Physical Renderer or vice versa?
    Ans: Yes
8. What is Siebel Open UI theme ? Have you customized Open UI theme in any project?
    Click on the link for ans: Siebel Open UI Theme
9. What is Manifest file and how to configure it in Siebel Open UI?
    Click on the link for ans: Customizing Manifest file
10. How does Siebel Open UI behave when custom manifest record matches with predefined manifest?
    Click on the link for ans: Manifest file Customization (look at the end of article)
11. How to debug JS files in Siebel Open UI?
    Click on the link for ans: Siebel Open UI Debugging
12. Have you followed best practices in Siebel Open UI application configuration?
    Click on the link for ans: Siebel Open UI Best Practices
13. What is the purpose of using ‘Define’ Method ? Is it mandatory to use ‘Define’ Method in PM or PR JS file?
    Click on the link for ans: Presentation Model Methods and Physical Renderer Methods
14. Can we call business service from PM or PR JS file?
    Ans: Yes
15. Can traditional browser script and Siebel Open UI PM/PR JS files work together?
    Ans: Yes
List is not over yet! we will add few more real time Siebel Open UI interview questions here. You can also share your interview questions in our comment section.

You may face few questions on CSS also. We recommend you to get a fair idea about CSS from W3schools.

Test your Siebel Open UI skill with our quiz – Siebel Open UI Quiz.

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Siebel Open UI Best Practices (Training – Part 10)

In this last module of Open UI training series, we will discuss about Siebel Open UI best practices. There are few thumb rules that you must follow during Siebel Open UI customization.

All best practices that you have followed for Siebel HI, are applicable for Open UI also. Additionally there are few best practices for Siebel Open UI application.

Siebel Open UI Best Practices:

1. Add Presentation Model (PM) or Physical Render (PR) when there is no other way of customization to meet the requirement. You first try to meet the requirement by configuring Siebel tools or modifying Siebel web template file.

2. Make sure all PM variables are treated as properties. You must use ‘AddProperty’ method only to create property in Presentation Model. Never use ordinary JavaScript variable to create any property in Siebel Open UI.

3. Like ‘AddProperty’, use ‘AddMethod’ only to create methods in Presentation Model (Read more about Presentation Model Methods).

4. Use ‘BindEvents’ to bind the PM methods with appropriate PR events and ‘BindData’ to access properties from PM (Read more about Physical Renderer Methods).

5. Typically a Presentation Model is followed by a corresponding Physical Renderer. You write business logic in PM file and rendering logic of Siebel objects in PR file.

6. It is strongly recommended that do not use PR to add any presentation attributes like position, color, font to the Document Object Model (DOM). All presentation related attributes must be declared in CSS file only. You could read our article on Siebel Open UI theme to know more about CSS.

7. Use JavaScript code quality checking tools like JSHint, JSLint to verify PM or PR JS files before deployment.

8. Remove debugger and SiebelJS.log() from the script before moving custom files into production.

10. Try to avoid alert() to print variable values. If you forget to delete it from JS file before deployment, it will show alert message to end users.

11. Test your customization with all browser and device combinations before moving it to production.

This ends our all 10 modules on Siebel Open UI Training. We hope it has helped you to get a fair understanding of Siebel Open UI application.

To read our Siebel Open UI configuration related articles, click here – Siebel Open UI Configuration. Also test your Siebel Open UI knowledge with our quiz – Siebel Open UI Quiz.

To know about Siebel Open UI interview question, read our article: Siebel Open UI Interview Questions

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Will Microsoft take over Salesforce ?

Salesforce acquisition - Microsoft takes overIn our previous article (

Salesforce For Sale

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SAP has already answered negative
Oracle has showed disinterest
IBM would not go for it because of high market value
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Till now neither Microsoft nor Salesforce has opened up their mouth but won’t get surprise if one fine morning you read ‘Microsoft has acquired Salesforce‘.

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***Latest update: It seems, Microsoft is also not interested to take over Salesforce because of its huge market value. We have to wait few more days for next story!

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