Error: Invoking service ‘Context Service’, method ‘GetRowSetData’ at step ‘Get Context Row Set’ (SBL-BPR-00162) (SBL-DAT-00215)”.

Have you seen below error message during Siebel configuration?

“Error invoking service ‘Context Service’, method ‘GetRowSetData’ at step ‘Get Context Row Set’.(SBL-BPR-00162)”.

Sometime it is followed by another error message – “This operation is not allowed when there are no records displayed. Please execute a query that returns at least one record or add a new record.(SBL-DAT-00215)”.

Recently one of our readers dropped us a mail asking solution to fix this issue.

This error usually comes up when we are working on Signals or variable maps or pricing workflows in Siebel. There could be many reasons behind this error but most common mistakes are –

1) PSP driver Workflow is not active
– Verify that the PSP driver Workflow is in active status. If not, activate the workflow, restart server and verify it once again, issue should be resolved.

2) Business components are not based upon class CSSBCOrderMgmtBase, CSSBCPecBase and their subclasses
– Signals can be invoked only for that business component if it’s base class is either CSSBCOrderMgmtBase or CSSBCPecBase or their sub classes. Mainly signals call be called from all order management related objects like Quote , Order, Product BCs. If we try to invoke signal from any other business components which are not based upon these classes, Siebel will throw this error.

Please share your experience if you have faced this issue for any other reason or these two solutions were not sufficient to fix this error message.

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