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Oracle has done many changes in Siebel Open UI over One major difference is that from Open UI onward, there is no need to add any user property to associate Presentation Model or Physical Renderer JS files with Applets or Views or Screens. We can do this from Open UI client itself and completely srf independent. If you have worked on Siebel Open UI .10 version, then you know that we have used two user properties (Physical_Renderer and Presentation_Model) in Siebel tools to embed .js files with Siebel objects and compiled into srf. But from Open UI, we will not use these two user properties anymore. Also there is no need to modify manifest file (custom_manifest.xml) anymore. Here we will see, how we can we do from client itself.
Let me give you an example. Suppose, for ‘Contact Form Applet’, we have one PR file (condemaildisplaypr.js) and one PM file (condemaildisplaypm.js) which will display contact’s Email id conditionally.  So next step will be, embed these two files with ‘Contact Form Applet’.
In, we need to add two applet user properties (Physical_Renderer and Presentation_Model) under the applet, give key name as value and compile it.
Siebel Open UI - techonestop.com

But in, instead of adding these two user properties in Siebel tools, we will do it from client. 
Step 1: Go to Administration-Application > Manifest Files and add two js files like below

Siebel Open UI Manifest file - techonestop.com
Manifest Files Registration

Step 2: Go to Administration-Application > Manifest Administration and associate these two files with the applet like below

Siebel Open UI Manifest Administration - techonestop.comSiebel Open UI - techonestop.com

Step 3: Log off and log in, we can see our changes now.

So from Open UI, there is neither any user property to embed JS files nor srf compilation, it’s completely srf independent. 
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