SBL-DBC-00105 / ORA-00904: An error has occurred executing a Sql statement

SBL-DBC-00105: An error has occurred executing a Sql statement. Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration if the problem persists.

ORA-00904:Invalid Identifier


If you are upgrading Siebel application from HI to Siebel Open UI, it is quite obvious that you will face these two errors. Both errors occur when logical schema and physical schema are not in sync.

What do we mean by logical schema and physical schema?

Logical Schema is related to Siebel Tools. Whatever customization you do in Siebel tools, that is nothing but change in logical schema. When you apply those changes in actual database, that is called physical schema change.

For example: You create table and columns in Siebel tools that is logical schema change. When you apply and activate that table, actual table will be created in database that is physical schema change.

Mismatch between logical and physical schema could be for many reasons. Such as,  a BC field is pointing to a non-existing column or DVM is referring to inactive/non existing column.

Step to debug:

  1. First you generate the log file to get all mismatches between logical and physical schema. If you are using web client, then increase the log level of object manager and get the log file. For dedicated client, add spooling parameter by modifying properties of Siebel shortcut. To know more about Siebel spooling, read this: Specifying SQL Spooling in Siebel Developer Web Client
  2. Open the log file and search for the error code ‘SBL-DBC-00105’. Then you copy the whole query, followed by this error code.
  3. Run the query on Siebel server database using database query tool like PL SQL developer or Toad. It will tell you for which table or column, mismatch exists.
  4. Now open Siebel tools, select the table and check the column status. If the column is inactive, then make it active or change the configuration in BC so that Siebel does not refer the inactive or non existing column. If the column is newly created, then Apply/Activate the table once again.
  5. If the mismatch is related to join, check join configuration at BC and table level.

Follow the same steps (Step 2 – 4) to fix the error ‘ORA-00904: invalid identifier‘.

You could run DBCHCK Utility to sync logical and physical schema. To know more, read our article on DBCHCK utility.

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