5 Best SoapUI alternative applications to test web services

So, you are looking for SoapUI alternative applications to test web services.


Before we discuss SoapUI alternatives, let me tell you what makes SoapUI so powerful web services testing tool.

SoapUI is a free and open source cross platform functional testing application for SOA (Service Oriented Application) and web services.

Using SoapUI, you can test any kind of web services like SOAP based Web Service, Restful Web Service, JMS services, HTTP Web Services, Databases and many more.

Its user friendly interface and rich features help to build an efficient test environment easily.  You can invoke, develop or simulate a web service to do functional, regression or load tests in SoapUI.

Few features that make SoapUI World’s leading Functional Testing Tool:

1. Easy to install:

SoapUI is the most downloaded testing tool in the World. It is easy to download and install on any operating system like Windows, Linux or MAC.

To download SoapUI, click here.

2. Easy-to-use interface:

Even if you have never used SoapUI before, you will find it super easy to build complex test scenarios. Your testing journey in SoapUI starts with a project and building a project is just a right-click away. You can easily import WSDL, pass arguments or create sample requests and verify responses within that project.

3. Automate testing:

Using SoapUI, you can automate the testing process as well. It supports a set of command line tools to automate testing using task scheduler. Also SoapUI gives you option to add custom script.

4. Service Simulation or Mocking:

SoapUI mockservice replicates the actual web service without building it. It eliminates the cost of building replicas of production environments. Also it enables consumer applications to access the desired services.

5. Easy to integrate:

SoapUI supports third party plugins like SOA DataPro, TestMaker, Agiletestware. Also developers can build their own custom plugin using SoapUI APIs. It is easy to integrate with IDEs as well like NetBeans, Eclipse and Maven.

Except all these, using SoapUI, you can do security testing, load testing, recordings and many more.

There is a license version of SoapUI as well, called as SoapUI pro. It includes few extra features like test history, coding free test assertion, enhanced support.

To know more about SoapUI Pro features, click here.


It is difficult to find many reasons to look for SoapUI alternative except few.

1. Your system has very low memory as memory consumption is bit high in concurrent testing using SoapUI.

2. You need simpler and lighter application than SoapUI to test web services.

3. You are looking for better user interface than SoapUI.

Have you got other reasons? Please share with us.

By the way,

There is a common issue in SoapUI – encoded response XML. I have discussed this issue and fix in another article – Junk characters in SoapUI response.

If you want to know more about web service testing in one training with certification and real time project, I will recommend – WebService testing with SoapUI – Realtime Proj + Certification by Testing World.

Now, Let’s see 5 SoapUI alternative applications that are lighter and simpler than SoapUI.

Note: You will not get all Soap UI functionalities in these alternative applications. If your need is just to test web service using lighter and simpler applications than SoapUI, try these.

SoapUI Alternative Applications:

soapui alternatives - Apache JMeterApache JMeter

soapui vs jmeter

First SoapUI alternative application is Apache JMeter. Like SoapUI, JMeter is also free and open source testing application. It is Java based and platform independent application.

It supports functional test, load test, regression test, stress test on different protocols. Few protocols, supported by JMeter are HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, JMS, Database via JDBC.

Like SoapUI, JMeter also supports custom scripting to extend its functionalities.

Testing a web service in JMeter starts with a test plan.

Test plan consists of:

– One or more thread group

– Controller/s like sampler and logic controller

– Configuration Element/s like Counter, CSV Data Set Config

– Listener/s

– Timer/s

– Assertion/s

SoapUI vs JMeter

1. SoapUI can generate SOAP request automatically from WSDL file. But in JMeter, developer has to build the sample request XML.

2. Both the applications have good online documentation and big user communities. But learning curve in SoapUI is shorter than JMeter. This is mainly because of easy-to-go user interface and SoapUI automation. Once developers import WSDL in SoapUI, it shows all available operations and request XMLs. Also it can auto generate test cases.

Over all, JMeter is a very good alternative of SoapUI.

To download or read more about Apache JMeter, click here.

soapui alternative - PostmanPostman

postman vs soapui

If you want to test web services without heavy weight SoapUI or JMeter, Postman is the solution.

It is browser plug-in and zero footprint application. 

It has two different apps – one for Chrome and another for Mac.

Postman user interface is divided into two parts. Sidebar on the left displays history and collection. Request builder on the right is to submit request and verify response.

Reading a response file in Postman response viewer is easy. 

It offers 3 view modes for body tab – Pretty, Raw and Preview.

Pretty mode formats the response file to make it more readable with color coding, line break.

Raw mode displays the file in a text area without any formatting. This mode is useful if you want to see that the response file is minified or not.

Preview mode displays the response in a sandboxed iframe. Because of iframe sandbox restrictions, javascript and images are not displayed in the iframe.

You can save the request and response file in collection (on the sidebar).

You know, a response file consists of header, body and status code.

Postman displays the body and header information in different tabs. Status code with time details comes next to the tabs.

Postman vs SoapUI

Main drawback of Postman is that you have to build custom XML request message same as JMeter.

However, Postman has an easy-to-go interface to build the XML request. It consists of four parts – URL, Methods, Headers and Body.

Another drawback is it’s limited features. If you just want to see that the web service is working fine or not, then it is a good option but not for advanced level of testing.

Also building SOAP request is little bit tricky. To know step by step process to make SOAP request, click here.

alternative to soapui - wizdlerWizdler

wizdler download

Third SoapUI alternative application is Wizdler.

Wizdler is browser extension web service testing tool, comes with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t need all fancy features of SoapUI, try this one.

Once you put the WSDL address in the webpage address bar, Wizdler recognizes it and lists down all available services and operations.

Now click on any available operation and request XML will appear in SOAP request editor. Edit it to pass arguments and click on ‘Go’ to see the response on editor.

Unlike Postman, Wizdler can generate SOAP request XML.

Main drawback of Wizdler is that it supports SOAP web service only. Also it has limited functionalities.

But if your need is just to check request and response XML, Wizdler is a good choice.

soapui alternative - webinjectWebInject


WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web services as well as web applications.

Wait a minute!

Are you looking for zero foot print web service testing tool?

Then WebInject is not your option.

To use WebInject, first you have to download the installer and then install it in your local system.

Like SoapUI and JMeter, it also supports various HTTP interfaces like SOAP, REST, HTML Forms, PHP, JSP and ASP.

It can be used as a complete test framework, controlled by WebInject User Interface or standalone test runner with other test applications.

WebInject vs SoapUI

The main drawback of this application is its non user friendly interface. It has few template files that you can open in any notepad editor tool, add test cases and run the XML file.

Another drawback, except MS Windows, it requires Perl interpreter to run on other platforms like Linux, Mac, Solaris.

soapui alternatives - HTTPMasterHTTP Master


HTTP Master is my last recommendation as web service testing tool.

Its express version (basic) is free but comes with very limited features. It is good for Restful web service, not for SOAP service.

Except these 5, there are few more Soap UI alternative applications like HurlSandbox.

If you want to know how to automate Rest API using Java, take this training from Udemy.

Now, tell me…

Do you use any web service testing tool other than Soap UI? Why are you looking for Soap UI alternatives? Please share with us.

To download PDF version of SoapUI alternative applications, click here.

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