Junk characters in SoapUI response – how to fix it

Getting junk characters in SoapUI response?weird characters in SoapUI response

Well, this is quite common issue in SoapUI during web service testing.

These junk characters are nothing but SoapUI compressed response.

Follow below steps so that you can see actual XML response without encoding:

1) Navigate to File > Preferences > ‘HTTP Settings’ on SoapUI interface

2) Verify ‘Response compression‘ property on HTTP Settings page

            – Uncheck the option ‘Accept compress responses from hosts

3) Verify ‘Disable Response Decompression‘ property (just below ‘Response compression’ )

            – Make sure ‘Disable decompression of compressed responses‘ checkbox is unchecked

soapui response encoding

That’s it!

Now submit the request XML once again and you will get the response in XML structure.

If you have any of these two options checked, SoapUI encodes the response file and you see junk characters instead of XML.

You can still see the encoded SoapUI response if there is any encoding rule in WSDL file.

Please leave your comment below if the above solution does not fix your problem and still see junk characters in SoapUI response.

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