Siebel Open UI: Why can’t I see this applet?

Error Message:                             

Why can’t I see this applet -

‘Why can’t I see this applet? Open UI cannot display this type of applet. Contact your system administrator’

Siebel Open UI does not support any Standard Interactivity applet. So, in application wherever Standard Interactivity Applet comes, Siebel Open UI will display this message. 
Now how to decide that the applet is standard interactivity or high interactivity? 
If any of the below criteria are met, then the applet is standard interactivity type 
    •  Applet is not based upon any business component
    •  Class of the applet is either based upon or derived from a class that implements base functionality of Standard Interactivity 

    •  Applet with user property: High Interactivity Enabled = N
    •  Associated class of the applet has “High Interactivity” set to 1
    •  Product catalog style layout

1) Remove the applet from the view
Best way to remove this type applet from view is by using of Personalization rules. Go to Administration-Personalization > Applet and create a new rule that will always be false. You can write the rule based upon users responsibility that will never match or based upon users positions. Also you can remove the applet from view itself in Siebel tools.

2) Rebuild the applet
Create a new applet with same functionality based upon high interactivity class/BC

You will see the message ‘Why can’t I see this applet? ‘ on Siebel Open UI home page also where welcome username appears in Siebel HI application. We can display this welcome username message in Siebel Open UI also. To know more, read Welcome Username is not displaying on Home Page of Siebel Open UI’.
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