SBL-EAI-08032: WSDL cannot be generated for Argument having Data Type ‘Hierarchy’

Error Message: WSDL cannot be generated for Argument having Data Type ‘Hierarchy'(SBL-EAI-08032)
    – This is another common issue in Siebel when you try to generate WSDL from web client 

Reason: You can not generate WSDL for the argument with data type ‘Hierarchy’

Solution: Here you have two options to fix it. You can choose one which is best suitable in your case.
    – Change the argument/property type from Hierarchy to Integration Object and try to generate WSDL
    – Add XML conversion step to change the XML hierarchy to Integration object. You can use BS ‘EAI Integration Object to XML Hierarchy Converter’ and method ‘XMLHierToIntObjHier’ or ‘EAI XML Converter’ with method ‘XMLHierToIntObjHier’.

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