Not able to see control or list column in Applet

Sometimes it happens in Siebel, though you have added control or list column in an applet but it is not visible on UI. Have you ever faced such issue? No! well you may face 🙂

There could be many reasons behind this like field is inactive or does not exist in business component anymore or Visible property is false for that column in Applet. I hope you have checked all these. Also check item identifier of control or list column inside that applet. We all know what is item identifier, right!! It helps Siebel to identify the control or list column in applet web template and it is unique number generated by Siebel automatically. If same item identifier is assigned to more than one control or list column, then this situation may occur where control or list column will not be displayed on UI. 
To fix it, follow below steps:
1) Check the item identifier for the control/list column which is not displayed on UI
2) Copy the item identifier and again query with that in siebel tools 
3) If there is more than one control/list column with the same number, then delete both control/list columns from that applet and drag-drop them once again. It will generate unique number for those controls.
Now compile all changes and check, it should display control or list column on Applet. After doing this, if you can not see, please let us know. 
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