How does OLX or Quikr make money

How does OLX or Quikr make moneyQuestion (posted by Rann):
“I am a regular visitor of and like it very much. I would like to ask a question on discussion forum: How does OLX or Quikr make money ?

Answer (posted by TechOneStop):
First of all, thank you Rann for posting your doubt on our discussion forum. This is in fact a good question.
OLX or Quikr does not charge anything from us for posting ads, then how they earn money?
Well, though they do not charge anything from us, there are many other ways to earn revenue.

1. AdSense Ads / Google Ads:
OLX, Quikr or any other eCommerce sites get huge traffic flows every day and millions of unique visitors every month. So displaying AdSense ads on every page gives a decent amount of money.

2. Sponsored Ads / Banners:
Beside AdSense ads, Quikr or OLX sells its website space to various enterprises to display their ads or banners, just like AdSense ads. Difference from AdSense is that sponsored ads are completely controlled by these eCommerce sites, there is no revenue share with 3rd parties.

3. Premium Ads:
If you want your products or services to make more visible or reach out more viewers to sell it faster, then premium ad is a good option. Quikr provides two type of premium ads – Top Of Page and Urgent. A ‘Top Of Page’ ad costs you more than ‘Urgent’ as Quikr shows this kind of ads at the top of each ad category highlighted in blue. It helps to get more visibility than Urgent ads. Urgent ads are indicated by a green star before ad title. To display premium ads, Quikr charges you depending upon product category, type of premium ads.

These are the main three sources of making money for any eCommerce site.
If you want to share anything on How does OLX or Quikr make money, please feel free to comment here.

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