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SBL-DAT-00323: The method IsPortableUIMode is not supported

The method IsPortableUIMode is not supported on Business Service ‘Web Engine State Properties’ (SBL-DAT-00323). Reason: This error pops up when users try to login into Siebel Open UI application without setting parameters properly. How to fix: To fix this issue, you set ‘EnableOpenUI’ and ‘HighInteractivity’ parameters’ values to TRUE. Steps to set parameter values: Login into Siebel application as an Administrator

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Physical Renderer Customization (Siebel Open UI Training – Part 4)

In the fourth module of Siebel Open UI training series, we will discuss about Physical Renderer Customization. If you didn’t read our previous article on Presentation Model Customization, we would suggest you to read that first. It will help you to understand this article better as Presentation Model and Physical Renderer are interrelated. After you complete this module, you will

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