SBL-DAT-00323: The method IsPortableUIMode is not supported

The method IsPortableUIMode is not supported on Business Service ‘Web Engine State Properties’ (SBL-DAT-00323).


This error pops up when users try to login into Siebel Open UI application without setting parameters properly.

How to fix:

To fix this issue, you set ‘EnableOpenUI’ and ‘HighInteractivity’ parameters’ values to TRUE.

Steps to set parameter values:

  1. Login into Siebel application as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Application-Server Configuration and select the server on Servers view
  3. Query for the Application Object Manager (AOM) component on Component view for which you want to enable Siebel Open UI
  4. In the Component Parameter view tab, query below two parameters and set values as ‘TRUE’
    EnableOpenUI = TRUE
    HighInteractivity = TRUE
    For dedicated client, set these two parameters in the client cfg file.
  5. Logout from the application and restart the Siebel Server

Now you should be able to login into Siebel Open UI application with out any error.

If you still face the same error, please let us know.

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