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Clean up Siebel File System – Sfscleanup Utility

Clean up Siebel File System is one of major server maintenance activities. Over the time, Siebel file system becomes loaded with lots of invalid and orphan files. If you don’t clean up such files, it may impact on performance of Siebel application and also block hard disk space unnecessarily. To clean up such invalid and orphan files, Oracle provides an utility ‘Sfscleanup’.

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DBCHCK utility – check Siebel database health

Siebel comes with many out of box utilities to perform various activities like database health checkup, file system clean up, cfgmerge. DBCHCK utility is one of such utilities that helps to verify current state of Siebel database and it’s health. Recently on the last step of Siebel incremental repository merge, we faced an error ‘DATAIMP-ERR-1124: Unable to import table‘ though the merge process was

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