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Configure Siebel Home page Using Microsite VBC

Siebel has so many built in functionalities, it is hard to find in any other CRM (On Premise/Cloud). Have you seen customized home page in Siebel, mainly in Partner Portal application? Here is the screenshot what we have customized for Siebel Partner Portal Home Page.  Is it difficult to configure!! To meet such requirement, we have to modify HTML script

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How to Call PL/SQL or Batch file from siebel escript

Calling PL/SQL or Batch file from Siebel is always fun, it gives end users added flexibility to generate report by themself. Here we will see how to use Clib function in Siebel escript to call PL/SQL or batch file.Suppose, we have to fetch Opportunities which start with Opportunity Name like ‘Test’ and write it in to a file. So our

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How to enable or disable a button conditionally in Siebel Open UI

Enabling or disabling a button conditionally is pretty common requirement in Siebel configuration. There are many ways to do so, you can choose any of these based upon your requirement but as you know, it is always advisable to get rid of scripting as much as possible. 1) Script in PreCanInvoke Event2) Named Method3) EventMethod4) ‘CanInvokeMethod’: Applet User Property5) Javascript (only in

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