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16 Most Important Features of CRM Software You Must Know

You know, what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is. Right? CRM is a technology with strategies that helps business to server customer better and increase sales. But what makes CRM stand out among all other technologies? Why it is so difficult for any business to ignore CRM? Because, CRM has many customer centric business features. Confused? Well, let’s see few KEY

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18 Utmost Importance of CRM Software that You Must Know

Believe me: If you are a business owner, this article – Importance of CRM Software will definitely help you to grow your business. How? Look at our 3C model… Customer, Company and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) You know, Customers are always at the center of any business model. But, What is CRM? Why does a company need CRM? Moreover, Importance

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Customer Retention and Loyalty – 15 Statistics in Infographic

You already know the importance of customer loyalty. In this infographic, you will see 15 mind blowing Customer Loyalty and Retention Statistics. To read more about customer retention statistics, click here: Customer Loyalty Statistics Do you have any question? Please feel free to comment below. Keep in touch, follow TechOneStop on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+.

Is Siebel Open UI developer friendly CRM application?

You know: Siebel Open UI is browser and device independent Siebel client. It has better user friendly and flexible interface than traditional Siebel application. Even you can modify existing Open UI theme/s or add custom theme/s as per business need. But… Is it developer friendly CRM application too? Thanks to John for asking this question on our Facebook page ‘TechOneStop‘.

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Will Microsoft take over Salesforce ?

In our previous article ( Salesforce For Sale ), we told you that recently Bloomberg has published a report saying Salesforce has hired financial advisers to assess different takeover offers from potential buyers. Though Salesforce didn’t say anything on acquisition but if it happens, it will be the largest takeover in Software industry. Right now Salesforce has around $49 billion

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