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Presentation Model Customization (Siebel Open UI Training – Part 3)

In the third module of Siebel Open UI training series, we will discuss about Presentation Model Customization. After you complete this module, you will know – What is Presentation Model – It’s role in Siebel Open UI – Presentation Model Customization steps We hope that you have a fair knowledge about Siebel Open UI Architecture. If not, we would suggest

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What is ActiveX

ActiveX is nothing but a small piece of code(better known as Add-ons), created by Microsoft. If you have Internet Explorer installed on your computer, then ActiveX is also installed. Purpose of this ActiveX is to improve the browsing experience but it only works with Microsoft applications like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer.  The Idea behind ActiveX is that same

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Siebel Open UI Architecture (Siebel Open UI Training – Part 2)

In our previous article, we have discussed about what is Siebel Open UI and its benefits. Here we will talk about Siebel Open UI Architecture and its various building blocks. Also we will discuss architectural difference between Siebel HI and Open UI client. Siebel Open UI Architecture key components: It includes all components of traditional Siebel client, plus Open UI

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