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Siebel Open UI Training (Part 1): What is Siebel Open UI and its benefits

Welcome to Siebel Open UI training! Over the next 10 modules, we will discuss What is Siebel Open UI and its Benefits Siebel Open UI Architecture Presentation Model Customization Physical Render Customization Manifest File Siebel Open UI Theme Siebel Open UI Debugging Presentation Model Methods Physical Renderer Methods Siebel Open UI Configuration Best Practices To watch Siebel Open UI training videos,

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Siebel Open UI: Why can’t I see this applet?

Error Message:                              ‘Why can’t I see this applet? Open UI cannot display this type of applet. Contact your system administrator’ Cause: Siebel Open UI does not support any Standard Interactivity applet. So, in application wherever Standard Interactivity Applet comes, Siebel Open UI will display this message. Now how to decide

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